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Taking It Up The Ass


So many callers are all but obsessed with anal sex, for many it’s the taboo nature, for others it’s the tightness in comparison to a pussy. This is one sexual activity you really, seriously, need to use lots and lots of lube for, because unlike the vagina, the ass does not make any of its own natural lubrication, so you need to make sure this extra tight hole is plenty lubricated if you dare to go there, since you do not want to have any internal tears. Go slow and easy until you are both totally comfortable. You do not want to be rough in this area.

Some find it an extremely pleasurable sensation and love it much more than vaginal sex. It’s also something you can do as a man to a male or female partner. One of the callers last night called as he was using a Fleshlight sex toy and had the anal insert in it, since there’s several to choose from and the anal one is his favorite one to use. He said his wife won’t let him fuck her up the ass, so he makes do with the toy when he’s in the mood to have some ass.

He visits escorts once in a while as well and some of them let him fuck them up the ass and he loves to get it for real once in a while as a treat. His wife obviously doesn’t know about his little visits. Porn has made anal sex pretty much mainstream now, so fifty years ago there was a much smaller percentage of people in general that had tried anal sex, but now that it’s all over the internet and porn shows it so much, many more people have indulged in it than ever have before. It’s not for everyone but a lot of people really go for that taboo, backdoor action.


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