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I Spied On Mommy

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This guy called last night and said he had moved back home after college to save up money for his own place and he’d gotten in the habit of spying on his mom when she had her nightly bath. The door didn’t quite close all the way and it was always open a few inches for him to look through and what he couldn’t see directly through the door crack, he could clearly see in the reflection in the mirror. He’d noticed this completely by accident when he’d returned home and the first time he was sort of mesmerized by the appearance of her and left so she wouldn’t see him.

The same thing then started to happen nightly and she had no clue he was standing at the door watching, so he began to watch nightly after she’d gone in there and soon he began to masturbate as he watched her and he said his cock hadn’t been so hard n ages as when he was watching his mom undress and then slip into the bath. He was also sure that she was masturbating, as he sometimes heard moans and could see her arm moving a bit under the water and this excited him even more and he wanted to time his orgasm to cum with hers.

He didn’t seem too concerned about her catching him, since she seemed fully engrossed in rubbing her own pussy, all I kept thinking was I wonder if it would turn her on knowing her own son was watching her and masturbating himself. I guess we will never know, he’d just finished watching her when he called me and he was in quite the state of arousal and he was telling me about her big, soap covered breasts and how he knew she was rubbing her fat pussy and he wanted to fuck it so badly. He was a naughty boy alright, he may end up staying there a lot longer than he’d planned with these nightly naughty shows she was putting on without even knowing it.


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