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Having My Baby

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There’s plenty of callers into impregnation and pregnancy fetish. Not all guys go for the swollen with child pregnancy stomach, but some do. The fertile woman, the risky sex, the filling the woman up with cum and getting her knocked up, there’s some guys that find that so hot, they want to breed those women and fill them up with their fertile seed and have them get pregnant. It’s a very intimate type of call, more lovey dovey and callers that like to hear you say I love you to them and some say it to you back. Not all phone sex girls are comfortable with that type of intimate call and some will not say I love you, roleplay or not, others don’t mind.

You can be someone that doesn’t even like children, and yet the pregnancy roleplay will appeal to you, others won’t like them even in fantasy. You really cannot get much more intimate than carrying part of another person inside of you for the better part of a year and giving them a child, so some more romantic types of guys do enjoy that ultra closeness that type of call can bring them. Many say it makes them feel loved and cared for and very close to you, which of course gives them a more intense orgasm and feeling of intimacy.

The risk of sex when the woman is most fertile even if they don’t want a baby, makes sex even more like Russian roulette, so that kind of heightened risk can be very arousing to someone that enjoys taking chances, but it’s all fantasy, you just have to go with it, no one’s fantasizing about the screaming brats and dirty diapers nine months later, it’s the getting you knocked up and seeing your tummy swell for months on end that is the sexy part of this fantasy.


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