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Taking It Up The Ass

  So many callers are all but obsessed with anal sex, for many it’s the taboo nature, for others it’s the tightness in comparison to a pussy. This is one sexual activity you really, seriously, need to use lots and lots of lube for, because unlike the vagina, the ass does not make any of Continue Reading


Anal Delights

One thing most callers seem to be into is anal sex. If they don’t get it, they want to and talk about it endlessly. It seems most of their partners are not giving them any anal and they feel downright deprived not getting any. They want to know how much if any anal I am Continue Reading


Can I Fuck You There?

I love anal sex, I know a lot of women could live without it and do, but because I learned the anal pleasures when I was young from my first boyfriend, I have no trouble allowing a guy to fuck me there and that’s made many of my boyfriends happy, since many of their girlfriends Continue Reading


Kiss My Ass

When one thinks of anal sex, they usually think of cock in woman’s ass, but there’s a whole lot more going on with the backdoor than people think. The growth of male sex toys is immense, the use of dildos and prostate massagers is incredible, so many callers call up with toys they are using, Continue Reading


Right Up The Man Pussy

One of my callers the other night was telling me how much he likes to get anal, and it’s been difficult for him to find a female partner who wants to give him treatment with the strap on. He had a girlfriend years ago that didn’t mind doing it, but he’d not had any since Continue Reading

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