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Anal Delights

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One thing most callers seem to be into is anal sex. If they don’t get it, they want to and talk about it endlessly. It seems most of their partners are not giving them any anal and they feel downright deprived not getting any. They want to know how much if any anal I am getting, so I want it, crave it, have I done it with many guys, their questions are endless when it comes to bum sex. They seem to equate backdoor fun to the hottest, dirtiest sex going they want to be a part of.

The tightness of the ass is what gives it the great appeal to most, also the taboo factor, this drives them crazy. I recall a man once calling and asking to talk about something really dirty, really taboo, and when I asked what it was and he said anal sex, I burst out laughing, some think it’s o taboo and not to be even thought about, let alone performed. I assured him it was ok and nothing to worry about, he was afraid I wouldn’t even talk to him about it and that it made him weird. I assured him it was perfectly normal and a popular topic of conversation. He felt a lot better afterwards.

He told me his old girlfriend was the only one who’d ever let him fuck her in the ass, no other woman he’d been with was into it and he didn’t even bother asking after they said no once since he knew it was a closed topic, but he fantasized about that former girlfriend still since he so wanted to fuck her ass again, but she was long gone. Maybe the next girlfriend would in the future I assured him. Just have to wait for that tight ass in the future.


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